Daria Akimenko


Daria Akimenko is a Russian-born PhD student at the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland. Her research discusses urban art and design through interventionist practices, their structures, narratives and other formations related to such practices. Daria looks into urban art and design interventionist practices as a tool for communication ideas and stimulating change. In the artistic field project related to her research, she addressed the stories of immigrant communities that often end up living “on the side”, excluded from the common processes of an urban environment.Daria holds a Master’s degree in spatial design and is interested in spaces both as material environments and as vessels for meanings and stories, which prompts her interest in site-specific art interventions. In her artistic practice, Daria works with the media of photography, video and animation. Within the project Daria will apply her knowledge of urban interventions to allow marginalised women to communicate their stories. Daria will work on the project full time, documenting processes, contributing to writing of the academic papers and finishing her doctoral thesis.