AUSTRALIAN FIELDNOTES: Meaningful teaching and learning

This is a guest post by Amanda Radomi, Aboriginal artist and researcher from Adelaide, who is contributing beautifully to our artistic and research processes.

By the end of day three on camp I’m feeling so blessed and pleased to be here. All of the women from such different backgrounds and geographical locations are now working, sharing and creating together in such a relaxed way.

My experience as a light-skinned Aboriginal woman means that I often feel like an outsider in both the Western and Aboriginal worlds. I often feel like I’m on the margins looking in, but rarely gaining access to either. Today I really felt a part of our camp community and connected to the other women, both creatively and emotionally. When we sit down and create and share together we find that we all share experiences in common.

A highlight for me today was being able to share weaving techniques with the Anangu women. I had assumed before I came that I would be the student, soaking up as much information as I could. What I’ve found is that I also have skills and experiences of value to contribute. This experience of true reciprocity is what has most contributed to my feeling a part of our creative gathering in a meaningful way.

Text and photography by Amanda Radomi

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