This is just a tea cup

How do we construct meanings through everyday objects? What is an exhibition? How to create interaction between objects, textual art and exhibition visitors? Niina Turtola’s exhibition “This is just a tea cup” at Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre in Windhoek, Namibia is an installation which forces the exhibition visitor out of their comfort zone to think and make connections. Represented images of everyday objects, texts describing them and installation of actual objects form the exhibition. Yet, maybe the actual exhibition is formed around the performance of reading, seeing and walking in the space? The movement and the thinking are creating more questions than answers. In artistic research this may be sometimes even more important than the actual outcome.

Niina Turtola has been working not only on visualizing Namibian societal phenomena using text as an art form but trying to figure out artistic research method that makes the artistic process explicit and creates in depth understanding around the visualized phenomena. Mostly she is not only challenging her audience but herself not settling down for the convenient or safe but reconstructing herself and the contents of her work in various levels. I strongly recommend to visit the exhibition and ask Niina for assignments that help in thinking process.

By Satu Miettinen

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