Koko, Keiko and Laika

I see everyday the life of teenagers as I am a teacher. When I was young I occasionally saw things black and white like them. With this art piece I want to cherish sentimental memories as well the contradictions of their lives. The work celebrates the profound impact that certain animals and people had in my life. When I was yound, the animals that were sacrificed in human experimentation made a profound impact on me. Koko, Keiko and Laika personify this as they taught us more than we were able to teach them. Koko, Keiko and Laika is an art piece consisting of three bags with the portraits of a gorilla, dog and  killer whale (2018-).

Koko, Keiko and Laika. By Sanna Sillgren (2018 -)

The way of constructing crocheted pieces has come natural to me as I am currently doing my art in my lap. As being a mother I find it easy to work with the techniques that I can put down if and when needed. The pieces are combining unconventional materials with  acrocheting technique, image processing and composition. I tend to do this type of work during the cold and dark winter in Finland when one is obliged to focus on inside activities.

Koko, Keiko and Laika. By Sanna Sillgren (2018 -)

By Sanna Sillgren (2019)

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