She, Santa Claus

Poem by Ken Fischer, Napperby SA, 19 December 2019.

Title image: Poetree by the BRIDGE TO NOWHERE ARTISTS, INC. (2019), featured in the exhibition @Have you met my sister”, Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery, Port Pirie, SA. 21 December 2019 – 26 January 2020.


Santa Claus

Santa Clause came to Pirie

She came here on the bus

She brought a box of presents

To enlighten us


She called the seven sisters

To come with open arms

They came and shared their knowledge

Their stories and their charms


“We cannot leave it here,” she said,

It simply cannot stay!

Call the Bridge to Nowhere to Come and save the day!


Get the girl from Kooniba

To come and Fight the Bight

We have a job to do here –

Sisterhood unite!


And so with her assistant

Her confidant and friend

They designed this exhibition

For you to comprehend.


We’ll show our art

Donate our skill

Make this celebrate our joy

And our goodwill


Paint the dream

Weave the yarn

Service design this show

Let it tell your story

What you see and what you know


Santa’s gone back to Finland

She left us gifts to view

She gave us all some knowledge

Her message here for you


Take away a token

A small three word code

The Poetree of knowledge

A simple little ode.


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