Margintomargin – Tarja Wallius

Textile artist Tarja Wallius’s career includes a number of national and international projects and productions. She has worked with many mixed media collaborations such as Dance & Design, a 2008-2009 project that was inspired by sustainable development theories, combining dance shows and textile art exhibitions in different museums in Finland. Her Cleaning Closet and Dream projects included installations made of recycled textiles and inspired by women’s narratives. With media artist Eerika Jalasaho, Tarja collaborated to produce the Dream and Cleaning Closet installations that formed part of video art installations. Tarja contributed to social design in various projects within African communities of Tanzania, South Africa and Namibia. In addition, for more than ten years she practiced as an experienced textile designer and entrepreneur. In this project Tarja will participate in workshops and interventions, as well as art research processes.

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