Margintomargin – Nuno Escudeiro

Nuno Escudeiro (Portugal)pursued education in Media Studies in the University of Aveiro, Portugal, and Documentary Film Directing in Zelig, School for Documentary in Bolzano, Italy.

He works in different fields of moving image, exhibiting both in Gallery and in Film Festivals. During his studies in Zelig Film School, he directed several exercises and films, including: Qui nessuno è straniero (2014), a participatory documentary with Roma/Sinti teenagers of Bolzano; Chronicles of Wind and Stillness (2015) which portrays the institution of border controls in order to prevent refugees from traveling from Italy to Austria and Germany; and Moon Europa (2016) working with migrants living in the European Arctic.

In 2012, he founded the creative group PostmodernSquare, which is involved in several productions across Europe, among them the documentaries: The Residency (2013 – Netherlands), Silk Road (2014 Scotland), Portraits of Summer in the edge of the world (2013 Russia) and Beyond the Eastern Grave (2015 – Russia/Germany).

Nuno joined Margin to Margin project as a documentalist and video artist aiding the researchers to capture audiovisual data and preparing video content for web and the project exhibitions.

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