Run as fast as you can

We are running as fast as we can. Our work is many times framed by sense of achievement: how many grants you applied? how many articles you published? how many visitors your exhibition had?  We are looking  for numeric values to prove our worthiness. When these numeric values are the drivers there is a danger of loosing the sense of direction and content. The process of seeking for something becomes more valuable than content of things. We become overwhelmed and exhausted. And we don’t even realize the amount of tiredness as we slowly get used to it.

How to stop and enjoy just some fragments in time? How to make us believe that we are worthy and good even if we do so little?

By Satu Miettinen

One thought on “Run as fast as you can

  1. I think you are right Satu. People are so busy trying to ‘live’ their lives that they forget to stop and take a breath and just enjoy the simplicity’s of life that are usually right in front of them.

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