In the spirit of moving ahead

Every story allows for long anticipation and challenges along the way. After all the minor setbacks (such as visa dilemmas, stormy weathers and luggage delays), we sorted it all out and cannot wait to start the upcoming adventure.
Our group from Finland is about to set out to Adelaide to join our Australian colleagues. We have two workshops to look forward to – one with Aboriginal female crafts makers in Fowlers Bay, and the other one with the artists of Fibrespace Inc. collective in Port Augusta, South Australia. We look forward to learning the artists’ stories and making processes and to capturing them in multiple means – field journals, video, audio, photo and collaborative artworks. We will keep this online journal updated about our journey, too.

Some moving images will also be added to our stories soon enough. In the meantime, here is a little abstract teaser to set the mood.

Text and photography by Daria Akimenko

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